Mentoring in the MEGST Bible College, Myanmar

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This paper reports on the design and implementation of and reflection on a mentoring course at the Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) in Yangon, Myanmar. An Alumni survey in 2016 identified the need for mentoring to be taught and practiced by MEGST. Because Christianity is an imitative faith and because we learn more from doing than simply listening, a practical mentoring course was developed whereby mentoring sessions were scheduled weekly. Faculty mentored Year 2 students and Year 3 students mentored Year 1 students. Research based on solicited student feedback and students’ reflective essays affirmed the value of mentoring to the individual students – both in terms of being mentored and doing the mentoring themselves. Among the themes identified from student feedback were experiential learning, genuine relationship and being heard. Although implementation of mentoring at MEGST has been challenging, students are learning important life skills as the MEGST college models mentoring and not just talks about it.

Keywords: Mentoring, discipleship, Bible College, Myanmar

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