The Gospel, Apologetics, and Worldview: A Correlation and Challenges in Myanmar

Aung Htoo                       Lamp Vol-2                PDF

This paper argues that the gospel is far more profound and richer than a mere guarantee of going to heaven when a person dies. Instead, the gospel is a story that reached a climax when Jesus Christ became human. Understanding the gospel in this biblical narrative unveils that the ultimate hope of the Christian faith is not heaven; rather, it is a new Jerusalem or new heaven and new earth where God will dwell among us. In Myanmar, presenting this gospel always triggers off a worldview clash because of radical differences between Buddhist and Christian worldviews. However, this paper points out that God does not leave humanity without a contextual link since human beings (regardless of religious differences) are divine image-bearers.

Keywords: The gospel, apologetics, worldview, Buddhism, dukkha, un-satisfactoriness, Christianity, Myanmar.

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