Daniel Ciin Suan Piang


Biblical Department
Q: MDiv, MTh
E: danielpiang@megst.org
P: 01 558418

Daniel Ciin Suan Piang is a New Testament Lecturer, Dean of Student at MEGST. He also serves as the Secretary of Alumni Association. Since 2011, he started bible study groups among the Buddhist which eventually became a cell church, known as Truth Ministries (Myanmar). He completed his BA (Theology) at Evangel Bible College (EBC) and his MDiv (Biblical Studies) at MEGST. His MTh in NT Studies was completed at SAIACS (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies. He also completed BA (Philosophy) at Dagon University. Daniel is married to Deih Sian Huai (MDiv II, BA II). They have two children, Cing San Lun Piang and Pau Khan Lian Piang.