Library Use

Classification System and Computerized Bibliographic Data

MEGST is using the Library of Congress (LC) system.  MEGST is in the process of computerizing its library. Search for library materials can be done on computer. Please consult the IT operator and librarian for this.

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Use of CD-ROMs

The Library has several resources available on CDs/Tapes/DVD. These can be checked out for one week. Please check with your librarian to see what is available and request assistance from him/her if you want to use any of these.

Stacks System

The library has adopted an open-stacks system. Users may freely go to the shelves and select the books they need or want to borrow.

Borrower’s Card or Student ID

Always present your ID card when transacting business at the library counter. Each student must obtain a borrower’s card (ID) from the librarian. The card is valid for the semester in which it is issued. Borrowers’ (ID) cards are required for checking out books. The loss of an ID card must be reported immediately. A replacement will be issued two week after reporting the loss, with a charge of Ks. 5,000. Student ID cards are not transferable.

Borrowing Privileges

Faculty:  Maximum 10 books for 30 days (renewable).
Student: Maximum 5 books for 7 days (renewable); Maximum 2 TR books overnight (these must be returned by 9 am the next day).
MEGST Alumni: Maximum 3 books for 7 days.

Book Care

A student is responsible for all books checked out in his/her name.  If any item is lost, he/she will be required to pay the current cost of the book or material plus a processing fee of Ks. 1000.

Damaging or Stealing Library Property

The defacing, mutilating, or stealing of any library material or property requires the violator to replace or pay for its current replacement value and to pay a fine of not less than Ks. 5000 or 50% of the current cost of the book, whichever is higher.  Anybody found mutilating library materials will be charged or dealt with accordingly.

Use of Someone Else’s ID

Any student using an ID card not his/her own will have his/her library privileges suspended for not more than one semester.

Surcharge for Unpaid Fines/Delinquency in Returning Books

A fine is to be paid when returning overdue books. If, for some reason, a fine cannot be paid immediately, the amount will be noted and notices will be sent each week.  The second notice becomes the FINAL NOTICE and the fine must be paid within 24 hours.  A surcharge of Ks. 100 per day will be added to the fine after the final notice.  If there is continued delinquency with the return of books or unpaid fines, library privileges will be taken away.  The student may not check out books or library materials until his account is paid.

Library Decorum

  1. Student must bring his/her ID. “No ID No Entry.”
  2. The library is a place for studying, reading and learning. It is NOT a place for visiting friends. Therefore, “SILENCE” is the golden rule.
  3. Idle conversation, group discussion, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  4. No littering.
  5. Eating and drinking inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  6. Children under 12 years old are not allowed inside the library.
  7. Only paper, notebooks and pens are allowed inside the library. All other things, including bags, are to be left outside.
  8. Books and other library materials cannot be checked out for loan to other people.
  9. Scheduled hours for lending circulation books and reserved books must be strictly observed.
  10. All library materials borrowed for photocopying must be properly checked out at the counter.
  11. Books and other materials must be properly checked out from the counter.
  12. All borrowed books must be returned on or before the due date.
  13. All returned books must be placed at the book-truck, but Reference books, Periodicals and New Acquisition on Display books must be returned to the shelves from which they were taken.
  14. Newspapers, journals and magazines must be returned to the display shelves on their assigned slots.
  15. Do not write or underline in books nor cut anything from periodicals or newspapers. If you do you will be fined heavily.