Vision & Mission

Our Vision

MEGST trains and equips Christians to be Christ-like leaders who build up the church and the nation of Myanmar and beyond.


Our Mission and Values

We value the gospel of Jesus Christ, therefore

  1. We equip students in the knowledge of the Word of God and in methods of effective ministry
  2. We train students for missionary service, to reach the unreached and plant churches among them
  3. We provide a theological education that equips students to live for and serve Jesus Christ in any vocation

We value unity and diversity, therefore

  1. We equip Christian men and women from various denominations and diverse ethnic groups
  2. Our faculty come from  various denominations and diverse ethnic groups
  3. We respect other cultures and so teach a contextual theology

We value academic excellence, therefore

  1. We aim to be the evangelical and interdenominational graduate theological college of choice in Myanmar
  2. We have and will maintain international accreditation with the Asian Theological Association
  3. We seek to achieve international standards of research and scholarship
  4. We provide a preparatory English School for our students (SES)

We value an holistic education with life-long learning, therefore

  1. Our education is practice-relevant and encourages students to be life-long learners
  2. We will provide a life-long learning resource for Myanmar Christians and specific refresher programs and short courses for our alumni
  3. We will explore providing greater educational access – for students in Yangon through night and weekend classes – for students beyond Yangon through extension centers and distance learning
  4. We will explore providing education with a Christian basis in the areas of English language and Business Management

We value community, therefore

  1. We work to protect and develop an evangelical faith with an interdenominational spirit
  2. We respect and serve our students without regard to age, gender, ethnicity or denomination
  3. Our main site is an urban campus with residential core programs and access to a wider Christian community of churches and para-church organisations
  4. We will have a vibrant alumni association

We value sustainability, therefore

  1. We recognize our dependence on overseas supporters and work to involve them in our ministry and maintain good relationships
  2. We will explore and develop opportunities consistent with our core business of education to generate income and take responsibility for a sustainable future