MEGST has a board of trustees which serves as a steward for the resources of MEGST and which also represents the stakeholders.

They are expected to give their time, influence and expertise for the development of MEGST especially in the area of policy making. Board meetings are held three times a year. The Board Chairman plays as an important role to communicate between MEGST and MECA.


Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. Aung Mang – Board Chairman
Rev. Dr. Aye Min – Vice Chairman
Bishop Dr. C.K. No Chum
Rev. Dr. Morris Rem Lal Liana
Rev. Dr. Go Chin Zam
Mr. La Aung
Prof. C. Thang Za Tuan (Rtd.)
Rev. James Khong San Aung
Saw Walter Kaing
Mr. Khaw Lian Muang
Mr. Lian Cung Nung
Rev. San Cung Nung (ex-officio) – MEGST Principal


Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board (AAB) is one of the subcommittees of the board, responsible for academic oversight of MEGST.  It is composed of Christian leaders from both secular and theological tertiary institutions. Its task is to advise the Executive Committee and MEGST Board on academic matters.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Dean, Dean of Students and Business Manager. Its main tasks include: regular communication of vision, mission and values; supporting and developing faculty and staff through appointments, provision of job descriptions and regular reviews; ensuring sound management of finances; and oversight of the development of the MEGST community.