A. General Circulation

These books can be checked out with an ID card for only 7 days.

  1. Students may not borrow another book if they still have overdue books.
  2. A one-week loan may be renewed once, as long as nobody else needs the book. Renewal for the second time is allowed only if the book is still available three days after its return.
  3. Take note of the due dates of the books you have borrowed.  A fine of Ks. 100 per day per book is charged until the book is returned.  Sundays and official holidays are not included in the computation.
  4. Any person who loses or fails to return a book within a week after the due date or recall must replace it with the same title, pay its current replacement value, or replace it within 30 days by another title to be selected by the librarian.
  5. Any book on loan may be recalled at any time.
  6. Every semester, on the last day of the final examination, all books and other materials must be returned.


B. Temporary Reserved Books (TR)

Prescribed texts and other relevant books are reserved on the TR bookshelf.  These are textbooks and collateral-reading materials recommended by MEGST faculty members as required readings. These books can be checked out for a night (or must be used in the library only) depending on the demand.

Borrowing Reserved Books

  1. A limit of 2 books may be signed out for two hours.  If there are no demands for the books there is no limit to the number of times the books may be renewed, but they should be renewed every two hours.
  2. All reserved books are strictly for overnight and room use only.  However, in cases where faculty members may deem it necessary, reserved books may be taken out of the library for classroom use for the duration of the class.
  3. Reserved books on overnight loan must be returned on or before 9:00 am on the next working day.
  4. Any student who fails to return a reserved book must pay a fine of Ks. 50 per hour.


C. Burmese Section

Some books, written in Burmese, are shelved in Reference Room.  These books must remain in the library at all times and are to be used only for reference.

D. The Special Collection

Reference Books Collection

All books marked with REF on the spine of the book are part of the MEGST Reference Books Collection. These are made up of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, commentaries, biographies, and others which fall into the same category. These books are strictly for LIBRARY READING ROOM ONLY.

Reference books are also found in the Main Library and Reference Room 404. Return these books to the right place after use.  Do not leave them on the desks.

Thesis and Dissertation Collection

These are strictly for LIBRARY ROOM use only, thesis and dissertation copies cannot be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author. Please consult the librarian for further information.

Periodicals Collection

Book-bound journals/periodicals are shelved in the Periodical Section. They are strictly for Library Room Use Only. Students are requested to return periodicals to their proper slots. Do not leave them on the desks.