Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is taken seriously at MEGST as a part of community life. It is done in various ways among students and among faculty and staff. The Dean of Students, Chaplain and Wardens are mainly responsible in providing Care group and Home-cell activities as the most common methods for pastoral care.

While appointed students are mainly responsible for Care group and Home Cell programs, the Chaplain and Wardens along with the Dean of Students make sure everything is done in line with pastoral care by visiting the dormitories regularly, meeting dorm leaders at homes and attending Student Council Meetings. In addition, the chaplain organizes pastoral visitation as a group to families of faculty and staff, especially in times of joy and grief.


Care Group Meetings

Four Care Groups are formed at MEGST to care for one another both socially and spiritually. These groups give opportunity to show love and concern to other fellow members. Each group meets every Friday morning, together with two or more faculty members who guide students in their walk of faith. The purpose is social and spiritual, with songs and games, and reflecting daily experience and praying for one another. Each group is given autonomy to innovate any activities for their own group, such as an outing day, cooking time and visiting the sick.


Home Cells

MEGST has three home-cell groups which aim to reach surrounding people with the Gospel. These activities take place every alternate Tuesday and serve as a means for students to do practical ministry. The purposes include: to practice Christian love in times of joy and bereavement; to do mission in either evangelism or personally; to contribute financially or materially (and serve) orphanages or newly planted churches in the Yangon area. Students participate in home-cell worship services twice a month.


Spiritual Formation

Spiritual growth is a high priority and MEGST seeks to maintain standards of integrity in academic work, in ministry and in community relationships. That is why all students studying at MEGST are to keep themselves “above reproach” (1Timothy 3:2-7) in their personal lives. The weekly chapel services, days of Prayer, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Mission Emphasis Week and Care Group meetings are intended to foster spiritual growth. MEGST affirms that corporate spiritual life is both biblical and necessary for a balanced personal life.


Guidance and Counselling

Students are able to receive counsel from members of the faculty and administration, who will endeavor to give friendly and understanding guidance. Each full-time faculty member has responsibility for academic guidance as well as spiritual, emotional and social counsel for students.