Intensive English Program (IEP)

Intensive English Program(IEP) is an essential and important part of the MEGST academic program. It has been running since 2005 and is currently a three month English preparation course, which extends students’ English language proficiency and academic study skills. School runs Monday through Friday starting daily with Chapel. Students are divided into classes according to their English ability, so you study with students at a similar level and you get to know them well before semester begins. The teachers come from New Zealand and are all native speakers of English, which makes this course special. It may be the first time that you have been immersed in an English language setting. Don’t worry; the teachers are kind and approachable. A number of them love MEGST so much that they have been coming for many years. Within a week or so you will be able to understand their ‘kiwi’ accent and by the end of the course you will even understand their jokes! While the classes are hard work, requiring concentration and regular study outside of class, they are also a lot of fun. There are movie afternoons and at least one class outing. You will find this time to be invaluable academically and socially as you begin life-long friendships. All first year students attend SES during the summer vacation before their first semester of MDiv1 or MTh, regardless what degree they come with.  Students can only be granted exemption from SES if they are granted special proviso by the Admission Committee.  Based on the final SES test, Faculty will make a decision about who can continue into MDiv1 or MTh. Some students may only be allowed to take 9-12 units (3-4 courses) in the first semester and in addition, these students must attend the SES again the following year.