Practicing Christian Faith in the Workplace of Myanmar (PCFW): What and Why?

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This essay explores what it means by “practicing Christian faith in the Workplace” (PCFW) and why it is important in the context of Myanmar. Tracing Christian views of work from Martin Luther to Timothy Keller and Miroslav Volf, this paper argues that PCFW is theologically rich, and it embraces all theological traditions (Anabaptist, liberation, development model, the reformed approach) which seek a way to relate society. Then this paper proposes that Christians in Myanmar should seek to introduce, promote and develop PCFW in Myanmar in order to be culture-making Christians. Last, this paper also presents challenges and opportunities that Christians may face in practicing Christian faith in the workplace.

Keywords:  work, workplace, lay Christians, Christian faith, Buddhism, PCFW, Anabaptist, Reformation, corruption, culture-making, transformation.

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