Why Biblical Languages (Hebrew and Greek) Matter for Ministers in Myanmar: Exploring the Treasure of Biblical Languages

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This article, first of all, tackles three common objections ministers encounter in Myanmar and provides three reasons for knowing biblical languages. First, this article argues that ministers in Myanmar should invest their time in studying Biblical languages because it helps us acquire a more intimate knowledge of God’s Word for personal spiritual development. It also gives us the ability to critique the accuracy of translations, to dig out the most accurate meaning for ambiguous words, and to analyse theological debates arising from different interpretations of the Scripture. Second, knowing Biblical languages will help ministers to handle the Bible with confidence, explain it with accuracy, and proclaim it with power. Finally, this article mentions how knowing Biblical languages can help ministers to defend the gospel against false doctrine arising from misinterpretation.


Keywords: biblical languages, ministers, translation, misinterpretation, meaning, theology, accuracy, steward.


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